Stock management system to take total control over your inventory

Keep track of your inventory with ease and fulfill orders on time without worrying about replenishment.

Avoid inventory shortage

Never worry about stock dipping below a certain level. Set a threshold and automatically generate material requests to replenish stock.

Quality inspection

Implement quality inspections to ensure the correct stock leaves or enters your warehouse across orders.

Item variants

Create one master template and generate multiple variants based on different sizes, colors, or any other variants of your choice.

Multiple units of measure

Whether you sell in kilograms or kilocoulomb, cups or carats, we got you covered. What’s more, you can create your own measurements and set up conversions for them.

Save your time by setting defaults

Set default source and target warehouses, pricing methods, and accounts so that you don’t have to worry about them when fulfilling orders.

Unlimited warehouses

Create unlimited warehouses to keep track of not just actual warehouses but also rooms, rows, shelves, and bins.

Landed cost voucher

Sent the invoice, but want to add shipping charges or customs duties? Update landed costs to include shipping charges or customs duties and keep track of the whole transaction.

Manage returns easily

Be it for sales or purchase, returns aren’t pleasant. In ERPNext, you can record them with just two clicks. The stocks will be updated automatically.